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Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Atmospheric Aerosol Research (IMK-AAF)

Welcome to the department "Atmospheric Aerosol Research" of the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Our research focuses on the role of aerosols in the climate system, the hydrological cycle, and the environment.

  • operates the internationally renowned AIDA aerosol and cloud simulation chamber
  • runs laboratories for aerosol and cloud research
  • participates in ground-based and aircraft field campaigns around the world

The head of the division, Thomas Leisner, is professor at the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg



news_thermographyKIT/ Kleinheins et al.
Cloud droplets under pressure

The pressure in freezing cloud droplets rises until the ice shell cracks. These repetitive cracks are the source for small ice splinters which in turn may freeze further cloud droplets. With the help of thermography, internal pressures up to 170 bar could be detected.

SDE_lidarDr. Harald Saathoff
Saharan dust plumes studied at KIT

KIT scientists study the evolution of Saharan dust plumes near Karlsruhe in the atmosphere and at the ground with the goal to determine their properties and to validate forecast models.

news_pic_realicecrytsalDBKIT/ Fritz Waitz
Real ice crystal images publicly available

An open access database provides scientists and general public information on individual atmospheric ice crystals that were captured in their native environment using research aircrafts.

news_ACTRIS_CISKIT/ Markus Breig
Leading Role of KIT in Cloud Observation

KIT researchers assume development and management of the CIS Topical Center for the direct measurement of cloud processes - Part of the European research infrastructure ACTRIS

pic_PINE_groupKIT/ IMK-AAF
First manuscript about the Portable Ice Nucleation Chamber PINE is published

The first study about the operation and application of our new mobile ice nucleation chamber PINE is accepted for publication in the journal „Atmospheric Measurement Techniques“.

AIDA_lightsourceKIT/ Markus Breig
ATMO-ACCESS develops a new framework for access to atmospheric research infrastructures

ATMO-ACCESS is a new infrastructure project funded by the European Commission after application the INFRAIA-03-2020 call. The project will develop a new framework for access to distributed atmospheric Research Infrastructures. Among these infrastructures is the AIDA cloud simulation chamber of KIT.