Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research
Atmospheric Aerosol Research

Welcome to the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Atmopsheric Aerosol Research (IMK-AAF), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Our research focuses on the role of aerosols in the climate system, the hydrological cycle, and the environment.

  • operates the internationally renowned AIDA aerosol and cloud simulation chamber
  • runs laboratories for aerosol and cloud research
  • participates in ground-based and aircraft field campaigns around the world

The head of the division, Thomas Leisner, is professor at the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg


news_kitthatswhyKIT/ Agentur Triebfeder
IMK-AAF part of the new video series KIT - That's why

The new video series "KIT-That's why" shows in five contributions what is special about KIT and what it means to study at KIT. In the contribution "Sustainability and Climate", the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research also introduces itself and shows the diversity of research-oriented studies at KIT.

news_campustourKIT/ Markus Breig
Guided tour package "(Small particles, big) climate research" - AIDA is part of the KIT campus tour

The campus tours at KIT Campus North have been revised and have been given a modern booking system. In addition to a general lecture on the main areas of research at KIT and the tour of the campus, scientific and technical facilities can also be visited. The employees themselves now provide insights into the facility and the daily tasks and issues.
AIDA is a bookable tour package and can be visited on Wednesdays between 09:30 and 11:00 am and on Thursdays between 12:30 and 14:00 pm.

Dr. Daniel Cziczo lecture in KIT International Excellence Talks series available

The International Excellence Talk by Daniel Cziczo on Nov 29, 2023 entitled

Improving our understanding of Earth’s upper troposphere and lower stratosphere by combining aircraft and laboratory studies

is now available online. In his talk, Daniel Cziczo reviews how aircraft measurements and laboratory studies have been, and will continue to be used to better understand atmospheric chemistry, precipitation and our climate.

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Investigation of aerosols and air quality in Munich

In a joint project by the Universities of Munich (LMU, TU), Harvard and KIT, the air quality in Munich is comprehensively investigated. The aim of the project is to understand air pollution processes and improve air quality in the long term.
Initial measurements of aerosol particles and trace gases were carried out in August 2023 using a city-wide sensor network, mobile observations, remote sensing methods and detailed chemical analysis. KIT contributes reference measurements with mass spectrometers and an aerosol lidar. The results are now linked to models in order to develop strategies to improve air quality.

group_Hirth_Cziczo_Lacher_kickoffDaniel J. Cziczo
Dr. Daniel Cziczo started fellowship at IMK-AAF

Dr. Daniel Cziczo was named KIT International Excellence fellow and has started his visit to the IMK-AAF beginning of October. The IMK-AAF and Daniel Cziczo are linked by years of excellent joint research in the laboratory as well as in the field. During his visit, we will work on new instrument developments and perform AIDA campaigns to validate instruments and elucidate recent aircraft observations made by Cziczo and his team.

We are honored and delighted to have Dan with us and are looking forward to our collaboration.

news_SwabianMOSES_2023KIT/ Jens Nadolny
Do aerosol particles influence extreme weather events? Measurements on the Feldberg.

In June and July 2023, we measure the number, size, composition and ice nucleation capacity of aerosol particles on the Feldberg (1493 m asl.). Within the framework of the Swabian MOSES campaign, we investigate in particular the role of aerosols in extreme weather events.