Karlsruhe Meteorological Colloquium

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier, Prof. Dr. J. Orphal, Prof. Dr. T. Leisner, Prof. Dr. P. Braesicke, Prof. Dr. A. Fink, PD Dr. M. Höpfner, Prof. Dr. C. Hoose, Prof. Dr. P. Knippertz, PD Dr. M. Kunz, Prof. Dr. J. Pinto

Currently there are no on-site events. Please not the respective email announcement for joining the live stream.

"CS" - KIT, campus south, Physics building (30.23), room 13/2
"CN" - KIT, campus north, building 435 (IMK), room 2.05
Note: Visitors of campus north need their identity card.


Dienstag, 26. Okt 2021
CS - 15:15
Dr. Michael Baldauf, DWD Offenbach
"The Discontinuous Galerkin method as a possible alternative dynamical core for the ICON model"
Dienstag, 02. Nov 2021
CS - 15:15
Dr. Christopher Kadow, DKRZ, Hamburg
"AI and Earth System Modeling - revisiting Research of the Past and Future"
Dienstag, 09. Nov 2021
CN - 15:15
Dr. Marion Maturilli, Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Climate Sciences & Atmospheric Physics
"Research at the Franco-German Arctic Research Base AWIPEV in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard"
Dienstag, 23. Nov 2021
CN - 15:15
Dr. Adam Bourassa, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
"High-altitude aerosol, water vapour, and cloud (HAWC)"
Dienstag, 30. Nov 2021
CS - 15:15
Dr. Simon Lang, ECMWF, Reading, UK
"ECMWF's ensemble forecasts: model uncertainty representation"
Dienstag, 07. Dez 2021
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Daniel James Cziczo, Purdue Univerisity, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
"Unanticipated Impacts of Aerosol Composition and Phase on Stratospheric Albedo Modification Proposals"
Dienstag, 14. Dez 2021
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Langematz, FU, Berlin
"Sun-climate interaction: mechanisms and impacts"
Dienstag, 21. Dez 2021
- 15:15
Prof. Dr. Francis Pope, Dr. Robin Price, University Birmingham, UK
"Air of the Anthropocene"
Dienstag, 11. Jan 2022
CS - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Jana Sillmann,
"Climate change and systemic risk"
Dienstag, 18. Jan 2022
CS - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Heike Kalesse-Los,
"What's going on in mixed-phase clouds? - Cloud radar-based techniques to identifying supercooled liquid layers and riming"
Dienstag, 25. Jan 2022
CS - 15:15
Dr. Peter Bechthold, ECMWF, Bonn
"How tropical waves, convection and turbulence govern the global weather forecast and the role of physics and resolution therein."
Dienstag, 01. Feb 2022
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Athanasios Nenes, EPFL , Laboratory of Atmospheric processes and their impact
"Title will follow"
Dienstag, 08. Feb 2022
CN - 15:15
Dr. John Lee Grenfell, DLR, Berlin
"Modeling studies of planetary atmospheres in the solar system and beyond"