Karlsruhe Meteorological Colloquium

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier, Prof. Dr. J. Orphal, Prof. Dr. T. Leisner, Prof. Dr. P. Braesicke, Prof. Dr. A. Fink, PD Dr. M. Höpfner, Prof. Dr. C. Hoose, Prof. Dr. P. Knippertz, PD Dr. M. Kunz, Prof. Dr. J. Pinto

Currently there are no on-site events. Please not the respective email announcement for joining the live stream.

"CS" - KIT, campus south, Physics building (30.23), room 13/2
"CN" - KIT, campus north, building 435 (IMK), room 2.05
Note: Visitors of campus north need their identity card.


Dienstag, 19. Apr 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Philippe Peyrille,
"Analysis and forecast of extreme precipitation events over the Sahel from synoptic to interannual scale"
Dienstag, 03. Mai 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Sergey Khaykin, LATMOS/IPSL, Paris, F
"Major and persistent perturbation of stratospheric water and aerosol budget by Hunga Tonga eruption "
Dienstag, 10. Mai 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Daniel Klocke, MPI, Hamburg
"Global storm-resolving climate models"
Dienstag, 17. Mai 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Martial Haeffelin, IPSL/LMD, Paris, F
"Processes that drive continental fog"
Dienstag, 31. Mai 2022
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Gannet Hallar, University of Utah, Atmospheric Science Department
"Extreme Air Quality Events in a Changing Climate"
Dienstag, 21. Jun 2022
- 15:15
Prof. Dr. Mathias Rotach,
"Recent advances and remaining gaps in knowledge concerning exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains "
Dienstag, 28. Jun 2022
- 15:15
Prof. Dr. Michaela Hegglin,
"Stratospheric ozone and its role in the Earth system"
Dienstag, 12. Jul 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Markus Stowasser,
"Natural Catastrophe Risk Management at Allianz"
Dienstag, 26. Jul 2022
- 15:15
Dr. Reiner Schnur, MPI, Hamburg
"ICON-Land/JSBACH - A Framework for and Application of the Land Component in the ICON Modeling System "