Seminar on Aerosol Physics

Contact: Prof. T. Leisner, Dr. H. Saathoff, Dr. R. Wagner



Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Aerosol Research (IMK-AAF), KIT and Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg

The seminar takes place - unless extra notice - Mondays at 11:00 in room 150, building 326, on campus north of KIT and/or via ZOOM.

Montag, 16. Mai 2022
Elise Wilbourn , West Texas A&M University
"Using online and offline techniques to increase understanding of the aerosol physicochemical properties driving cloud processes"
Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2022
Prof. Alexandre Thomas, IMT Lille Douai, Atmospheric Science and Environmental Engineering (SAGE)
"Combining laboratory and field investigations for a better atmospheric chemistry understanding"