Advanced Meteorological Practical Course at the AIDA Chamber

Your Opportunities
  • Feel the fascination of running experiments at the large-scale AIDA cloud chamber.
  • Operate state-of-the-art measuring instruments to address a current research question in the field of aerosol-cloud interaction.
  • Work in a team with your fellow students to prepare, conduct, and analyze the measurements.
  • Experienced tutors will give immediate feedback and guide you through all stages of the practical course.
Our motivation for the pratical course

The advanced practical course at the AIDA aerosol and cloud simulation chamber allows Master students in Meteorology to experience the fascination of conducting experiments at the worldwide unique AIDA aerosol and cloud simulation chamber. The AIDA facility is one of the large research infrastructures of KIT and attracts national and international scientists each year to conduct experiments or test instruments for field use. The practical course offers an ideal opportunity for the students to train their skills in communication, project planning, and analysis of measurement data in teamwork.

Since 2016, IMK-AAF organizes each summer semester, typically at the end of the lecture period, the one-week practical course at the AIDA chamber, which is a part of the "Advanced Practical Course in Experimental Meteorology" in the module "Experimental Meteorology". The working language is English.

Each year, we select a current topic in aerosol and cloud research as the central scientific question for the practical course. The students plan the experiments necessary to investigate the question, carry them out, evaluate the data, present the results in a lecture, and summarize them in an internship report. Experienced scientists from the IMK-AAF are available to support the students as tutors during the entire measurement week.

Scientific topics of the preceding AIDA practical courses
2023 The role of Feldspar and coal fly ash particles in heterogeneous ice nucleation
2022 Ice nucleation ability of sea salt aerosol particles
2021 Cloud chamber experiments with agricultural soil dust
2020 The pore condensation and freezing mechanism: Ice nucleation experiments with coal-fly ash particles
2019 Inorganic solids - competition between deliquescence and heterogeneous ice nucleation at cirrus temperatures
2018 Pre-activation of porous zeolite particles
2017 Comparison of the heterogeneous ice nucleation ability of a desert dust and a volcanic ash sample at mixed-phase cloud and cirrus temperatures
2016 Difference between homogeneous freezing and heterogeneous ice nucleation