AIDAc Facility

aida_panorama Marcus Heine

The AIDAc (Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere classic) atmospheric simulation chamber is an unique experimental facility for investigating the impact of aerosols and trace gases on climate, weather, and the environment. AIDAc can be operated in a wide range of atmospheric pressure (1 to 1000 hPa), temperature (60 °C to -90 °C), and relative humidity (from almost 0 % to 100 %).

With AIDAc we can perform experiments to investigate aerosol formation, processing and chemistry, the direct and indirect effects of aerosols on climate, as well as the formation and characterization of clouds. Depending on the research topic, the chamber is operated in different modi.

Working principle
AIDAc virtual tour

Walk freely through our AIDAc lab and explore the different measuring stations and instruments we need for our experiments. Our scientists give insight into their daily routine and explain in an easy-to-understand way concepts and methods as we use them at AIDAc.
You are interessed in a more detailed and technical description of the instrumentation, check out our instrument plan.