COSIMA: Simulating the Aerosol Dynamics of Fractal Like Particles

Web version of aerosol behaviour code COSIMA describing the structure and dynamics of irregularly formed or compact particles based on statistical mechanics and fractal scaling laws.

Welcome to the COSIMA modelling site. Please follow the links below to learn about COSIMA and use it to study the dynamic behaviour of simple or complex aerosol systems.



Start your own COSIMA simulations from freely editable default scenarios. Your individual session will be opened with complete input and output, including graphics, for the selected case.

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  • Model 1: Simple default scenario for fractal like particles
  • Model 2: Special default scenario for Diesel soot aerosol
  • Model 3: Special default scenario for Combustion Aerosol Standard (CAST) soot aerosol
  • Model 4: Special default scenario for graphite spark generator soot aerosol
  • Model 5: Simple default scenario for compact spherical particles (ammonium sulphate)


Dr. Harald Saathoff



Notice to Users: if you employ results of COSIMA simulations in your scientific work, please cite the references given below and also this website giving its URL (

  • K.-H. Naumann, COSIMA - a computer program simulating the dynamics of fractal aerosols, J. Aerosol Sci. 34, 1371 (2003)
  • M. Wentzel, H. Gorzawski, K.-H. Naumann, H. Saathoff, and S. Weinbruch, Transmission electron microscopical and aerosol dynamical characterization of soot aerosols, J. Aerosol Sci. 34, 1347 (2003)