Measurement Container

  • contact:

    Dr. Harald Saathoff


The IMK-AAF operates two 12' aerosol measurement containers which can be equipped with the following instruments:

  • Expandabel mast of 10 m length, outside hood for pumps, air conditioning, LTE antenna
  • Inlets: PM10, PM2.5, TSP, FEP tubes
  • Meteorology: Wind (speed, direction), global radiation, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, precipitation (WS700, Lufft)
  • Single particle size & chemical composition: LAAPTOF (AeroMegt) single particle mass spectrometer
  • Non-refractory aerosol size & mass concentrations: HR-ToF-AMS (Aerodyne)
  • Oxidized molecules in gas & particle phase: FIGAERO-CIMS (Aerodyne)
  • Volatile organic compounds in gas & particle phase: CHARON-PTR-MS (Ionicon)
  • Trace gases: O3, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH3, H2O, SO2
  • Particle number: >2.5 nm, >7 nm Condensation particle counters (TSI 3776 & 3022)
  • Particle size: 14-860 nm (SMPS, TSI), 0.2 – 20 μm (FIDAS OPC, Palas)
  • 3 D scanning depolarization Raman LIDAR (355 nm, 30 mJ, 20 cm mirror, Raymetrics)
  • Further instruments e.g. for opticle particle characterisation or measurement of ice nucleating particles can be added