PINE INP monitoring

The mobile cloud chamber PINE (Portable Ice Nucleation Experiment) is an unique instrument to investigate ice-nucleating particles (INPs) in an automated and autonomous way. PINE was developed by IMK-AAF in collaboration with the University of Leeds and commercialized within a technology transfer project between IMK-AAF/ KIT and the Bilfinger Noell GmbH company. PINE is designed to perform automatic, long-term INP observations at different cloud formation conditions.

Already available PINE chambers are operated in several locations and campaigns since 2018, by IMK-AAF and by other partners. We aim at enhancing the PINE measurement network for continuous and widespread INP monitoring around the world, in combination with other INP measurement methods.

The dashboard below shows PINEs growing community and network around the world and presents data products from the observations.

If your are interested in PINE or would like to display your PINE observation data in this dashboard, please contact us.