Karlsruher Meteorologisches Kolloquium


"CS" - KIT, Campus Süd, Physikgebäude (30.23), Raum 13/2
"CN" - KIT, Campus Nord, Gebäude 435 (IMK), Raum 2.05
Hinweis: Besucher des Campus Nord benötigen ihren Personalausweis.

Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-AAF, IMK-ASF, IMK-TRO)

Dienstag, 25. Okt 2022
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kneifel,
"Why do ice and snow so rapidly grow at -15 C? New insights from modern cloud radars and super-particle modelling"
Dienstag, 08. Nov 2022
CS - 15:45
Dr. Vera Schemann,
"Simulating clouds with ICON-LEM around the globe - from the Arctic, across Germany to South America"
Dienstag, 15. Nov 2022
CN - 15:15
Dr. Isabelle Steinke, Meteorological Institute, University of Leipzig
"Synthetic aerosol systems - a new experimental platform for investigating heterogeneous ice formation in the lab?"
Dienstag, 22. Nov 2022
CS - 15:45
Dr. Carolin Schmitt, EnBW Karlsruhe
"Meteorological Challenges in Wind Energy "
Dienstag, 29. Nov 2022
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Frank Postberg, FU Berlin
Dienstag, 06. Dez 2022
CS - 15:45
Dr. Federico Grazzini,
"Extreme precipitation predictability and their connection with large-scale circulation "
Dienstag, 20. Dez 2022
CS - 15:45
Dr. Jennifer Catto, University Exeter, UK
"Midlatitude weather systems and associated hazards in present and future climate"
Dienstag, 10. Jan 2023
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. James Haywood, University Exeter, UK
Dienstag, 17. Jan 2023
CS - 15:45
Dr. Oliver Fuhrer,
"Enabling novel workflows by implementing weather and climate models in Python"
Dienstag, 24. Jan 2023
CN - 15:15
Dr. Michael Schwartz, NASA JPL, Pasadena, USA
"MLS observatins of Australian bush fires and the Hunga Tonga eruption"
Dienstag, 31. Jan 2023
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. Mira Poehlker , Leibnitz Institut fuer Troposphaerenforschung, Leipzig, Aerosole und Wolkenmikrophysik
"Aerosols and Clouds over Blue and Green Oceans"
Dienstag, 07. Feb 2023
CS - 15:45
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Adrian, DWD, Offenbach
"Developments in operational meteorology and climatology over the last 25 years using the example of the Deutscher Wetterdienst"
Dienstag, 14. Feb 2023
CN - 15:15
Prof. Dr. David Plummer, Environment Canada, Quebec, CA