Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung

Karlsruher Meteorologisches Kolloquium


"CS" - KIT, Campus Süd, Physikgebäude (30.23), Raum 13/2
"CN" - KIT, Campus Nord, Gebäude 435 (IMK), Raum 2.05
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Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-AAF, IMK-ASF, IMK-TRO)

Dienstag, 03. Nov 2020
- 15:15
Dr. Federico Fierli, EUMETSAT
"EUMETSAT Atmospheric Composition monitoring: existing and upcoming programs, examples on applications"
Dienstag, 10. Nov 2020
CS - 16:45
Douglas Maraun, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz, Austria
"Compound weather events in a changing climate"
Dienstag, 17. Nov 2020
CN - 15:00
Dr. Christina McCluskey, NCAR, Boulder, USA, Climate and Global Dynamics Lab
"Observed and Modeled Southern Ocean Aerosols and Clouds"
Dienstag, 24. Nov 2020
- 15:00
Dr. Inna Polichtchouk, ECMWF, Reading, UK
"Gravity waves and their impact on weather prediction"
Dienstag, 01. Dez 2020
CS - 16:45
Dr. Linda Schlemmer, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach
"Convection and landatmosphere coupling in mountainous terrain"
Dienstag, 15. Dez 2020
- 16:45
Dr. Martina Klose, Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-TRO), KIT
"A big unknown in the climate impact of atmospheric aerosol: Mineral soil dust"
Dienstag, 22. Dez 2020
- 16:45
Prof. Dr. Susan Solomon, MIT, Boston, USA
"New Challenges for the Montreal Protocol: Science and Policy"
Dienstag, 12. Jan 2021
CS - 16:45
Dr. Nora Helbig, WSL-Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos, Swizerland
"Towards accounting for mountain snow processes in coarse-scale models"
Dienstag, 19. Jan 2021
- 15:00
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Gregory, University of Reading, UK
"Ocean heat uptake in CO2-forced climate change"
Dienstag, 26. Jan 2021
CS - 16:45
Prof. Dr. Pier Siebesma, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
"Mesoscale organisation of low clouds over the subtropical ocean"
Dienstag, 02. Feb 2021
CN - 15:00
Dr. Emma Jaervinen, KIT, Atmospheric Aerosol Research / Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research
"Cirrus Clouds Across the Scales: from Micro-scale Crystal Structures to Global Cloud Radiative Effect"
Donnerstag, 11. Feb 2021
- 16:15
Dr. Isabel Trigo,
"Monitoring the planets surface from space"
Dienstag, 16. Feb 2021
CS - 16:45
Dr. Juliane Schwendike, Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, University of Leeds
"Local Hadley and Walker circulations"