Martin Schnaiter

Dr. Martin Schnaiter

Current Research Fields

  • Experimental investigations on the microphysical and light scattering properties of ice crystals to assess the climate impact of contrails, cirrus and mixed-phase clouds:
    • in-situ studies with research aircrafts and at high altitude environmental research stations
    • simulation experiments at the cloud chamber AIDA
  • Light scattering and absorption properties of aerosols in the UV-VIS-NIR spectral range in the context of the direct shortwave radiative effect of aerosols:
    • laboratory experiments with aerosol samples from different sources
    • field measurements at different locations
  • Real-time monitoring of biological aerosols by single particle dual-waveband fluorescence analysis:
    • ambient aerosol measurements at different locations
  • Development of novel optical instrumentation:
    • airborne instruments for in-situ cloud research
    • photoacoustic aerosol absorption spectrometers
    • laboratory and field instruments using particle light interaction methods

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