Technician/ Engineer in ACTRIS-D project

ACTRIS-D LogoThe KIT Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-AAF) offers three jobs for expanding and strengthening the team responsible for design-ing and building the new atmospheric simulation chamber AIDAc2 and the service chamber AIDAs. Both activities are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research through the ACTRIS-D projects targeting the implementation of the KIT National Facilities and the Topical Center for Cloud in situBMBF FONA logo Measurements (CIS) to become an important part of the pan-European Infrastructure ACTRIS.

Job Description

Construct and implement the technical and analytical components for the new atmos-pheric simulation chambers AIDAc2 and AIDAs.

Education and background

University degree (Bachelor/FH/DH) in mechanical engineering (or equivalent). Experience in CAD construction with Autodesk Inventor is required. Good knowledge of sensor technology and LabView and experience in setting up technical component and scientific experiments are welcome.


2 years (part-time contract possible)


EG 10, if appropriate

Please apply online by using the link at the bottom of the KIT job offer pages (see the links given above).