Aerosol Chemistry and Physics

Topic AerosolchemieSaathoff

This topic combines aerosol chemistry:

  • formation of secondary aerosol
  • chemical characterisation & surface properties
  • interaction with trace gases & heterogeneous chemistry

  aerosol physics:

  • aerosol optics
  • aerosol generation
  • aerosol characterisation 

and modelling of the aerosol processes and properties using own developments and public software:

  • process models (e.g. COSIMA combined with MCM, MAID)
  • Mie, T-matrix, and distributed dipole approximation codes; RDG optics of fractals
  • Computational fluid dynamics simulations

Specific research topics are:


Formation & Ageing of Secondary Organic Aerosols

Infrared Spectroscopy
of Aerosol and Cloud Particles


UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy of Aerosols

Soot and Carbonaceous Aerosol