PINE INP monitoring at Storm Peak Laboratory, Colorado

KIT/Larissa LacherKIT/Larissa Lacher

Since October 2021, PINE monitors ice-nucleating particle concentrations in the Rocky Mountains. Being located at 3200 m a.s.l., the site frequently provides free-tropospheric sampling conditions in an atmospheric layer where mixed-phase clouds occur.

During this long-term field campaign at Storm Peak Laboratory, Colorado, USA, we quantify INPs relevant for the formation of mixed-phase clouds. The site is operated by the Desert Research Institute (DRI) Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS).

As the station is a natural environment for the formation and occurrence of clouds, these measurements are suited to improve the knowledge about ice-forming particles in the lower free troposphere. Additional measurements on aerosol particle properties, such as aerosol particle size and chemistry, will allow to investigate potential sources of INPs.

This campaign is part of a DAAD PRIME funded project, in cooperation with Prof. Dan Cziczo and Dr. Karl Froyd.