Introduction to the AIDA facility

The AIDA facility is suited for investigating chemical kinetics, aerosol chemistry, aerosol physics, and cloud microphysics in a wide range of atmospheric pressure (1 to 1000 hPa), temperature (60 °C to -90 °C), and relative humidity (from almost 0 % to 100 %). During cloud experiments, transient water and ice supersaturations are achieved for time periods from minutes up to about 1 hour with peak values of more than 100%.

What makes AIDA a unique facility for air pollution, weather, and climate research is the combination of its size, temperature range, and comprehensive trace gas, aerosol, and cloud instrumentation.






Main components





Operation as
aerosol chamber and
chemical reactor




Operation as
a cloud chamber





Operation as
a platform for
instrument tests,
intercomparison, and