Dr.  Robert Wagner Robert Wagner

Dr. Robert Wagner

Current Research Interests

  • Investigation of the low-temperature phase transition behaviour of organic-containing aerosol particles and its influence on their ice nucleation ability. Current studies address the implications of highly viscous organic acid solution droplets for ice cloud formation as well as the crystallization and ice nucleation behaviour of dicarboxylic acids. more
  • Application of FTIR (Fourier transform infrared) spectroscopy for in situ trace gas, aerosol, and cloud measurements during experiments at the AIDA facility; development of novel retrieval algorithms for deriving composition, phase, size, and shape of the investigated aerosol particles from their infrared spectra. more
  • Retrieval of the complex refractive indices for mineral dust samples from different geographic regions from measured mass specific extinction and absorption cross sections at visible wavelengths. more
  • Software development for the computer-controlled operation of the AIDA chamber and its instrumentation, data acquistion, and database connection, mostly using the G programming language from LabVIEW.




Curriculum Vitae