Soot and Carbonaceous Aerosol


The following aspects of soot research are adressed in our studies:

  • Optical properties of soot (different sources, OC/EC ratios) and coated soot particles
  • Heterogeneous reactions on the surface of soot particles
  • Carbonaceous aerosol particles in Raipur, India (composition, urban areas, idoor pollution)
  • Characterisation of particle emissions from engines (car and truck engines, new engine concepts and fuels)
  • Role of soot in nucleation of (ice) clouds (see cloud microphysics)
  • Intercomparison of soot measurement techniques 
  • Modelling the dynamics of soot aerosol particels (fractal like aggregates)


For further information please contact Dr. Harald Saathoff, Dr. Martin Schnaiter, or Dr. Karl-Heinz Naumann.