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Peer-Reviewed Publications


  • Active sites in heterogeneous ice nucleation-the example of K-rich feldspars
    Kiselev, Alexei,Bachmann, Felix,Pedevilla, Philipp,Cox, Stephen J.,Michaelides, Angelos,Gerthsen, Dagmar and Leisner, Thomas
    Science 355 (6323), 367 - 371 (2017)


  • PHIPS-HALO: the airborne Particle Habit Imaging and Polar Scattering probe-Part 1: Design and operation
    AbdElMonem, A.,Jarvinen, E.,Duft, D.,Hirst, E.,Vogt, S.,Leisner, T. and Schnaiter, M.
    Atmos. Meas. Tech. 9, 3131-3144 (2016)
  • Ice nucleating particles in the Saharan Air Layer
    Boose, Y.,Sierau, B.,Garcia, M.,Rodriguez, S.,Alastuey, A.,Linke, C.,Schnaiter, M.,Kupiszewski, P.,Kanji, Z. and Lohmann, U.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16, 9067-9087 (2016)
  • Evaluation of European air quality modelled by CAMx including the volatility basis set scheme
    Ciarelli, G.,Aksoyoglu, S.,Crippa, M.,Jimenez, J. L.,Nemitz, E.,Sellegri, K.,Äijälä, M.,Carbone, S.,Mohr, C.,O'Dowd, C.,Poulain, L.,Baltensperger, U. and Prévôt, A. S. H.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (16), 10313-10332 (2016)
  • Chapter 7. Secondary Ice Production - current state of the science and recommendations for the future
    Field, P. R.,Lawson, R. P.,Brown, P. R. A.,Lloyd, G.,Westbrook, C.,Moisseev, D.,Miltenberger, A.,Nenes, A.,Blyth, A.,Choularton, T.,Connolly, P.,Buehl, J.,Crosier, J.,Cui, Z.,Dearden, C.,DeMott, P.,Flossmann, A.,Heymsfield, A.,Huang, Y.,Kalesse, H.,Kanji, Z. A.,Korolev, A.,Kirchgaessner, A.,Lasher-Trapp, S.,Leisner, T.,McFarquhar, G.,Phillips, V.,Stith, J. and Sullivan, S.
    Meteorological Monographs (2016)
  • Development and characterization of an ice-selecting pumped counterflow virtual impactor (IS-PCVI) to study ice crystal residuals
    Hiranuma, N.,Möhler, O.,Kulkarni, G.,Schnaiter, M.,Vogt, S.,Vochezer, P.,Järvinen, E.,Wagner, R.,Bell, D. M.,Wilson, J.,Zelenyuk, A. and Cziczo, D. J.
    Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 (8), 3817-3836 (2016)
  • Aqueous phase oxidation of sulphur dioxide by ozone in cloud droplets
    Hoyle, C. R.,Fuchs, C.,Jarvinen, E.,Saathoff, H.,Dias, A.,El Haddad, I.,Gysel, M.,Coburn, S. C.,Trostl, J.,Bernhammer, A. K.,Bianchi, F.,Breitenlechner, M.,Corbin, J. C.,Craven, J.,Donahue, N. M.,Duplissy, J.,Ehrhart, S.,Frege, C.,Gordon, H.,Höppel, N.,Heinritzi, M.,Kristensen, T. B.,Molteni, U.,Nichman, L.,Pinterich, T.,Prevot, A. S. H.,Simon, M.,Slowik, J. G.,Steiner, G.,Tome, A.,Vogel, A. L.,Volkamer, R.,Wagner, A. C.,Wagner, R.,Wexler, A. S.,Williamson, C.,Winkler, P. M.,Yan, C.,Amorim, A.,Dommen, J.,Curtius, J.,Gallagher, M. W.,Flagan, R. C.,Hansel, A.,Kirkby, J.,Kulmala, M.,Möhler, O.,Stratmann, F.,Worsnop, D. R. and Baltensperger, U.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (3), 1693-1712 (2016)
  • Heterogeneous ice nucleation of viscous secondary organic aerosol produced from ozonolysis of alpha-pinene
    Ignatius, K.,Kristensen, T. B.,Jarvinen, E.,Nichman, L.,Fuchs, C.,Gordon, H.,Herenz, P.,Hoyle, C. R.,Duplissy, J.,Garimella, S.,Dias, A.,Frege, C.,Hoppel, N.,Troestl, J.,Wagner, R.,Yan, C.,Amorim, A.,Baltensperger, U.,Curtius, J.,Donahue, N. M.,Gallagher, M. W.,Kirkby, J.,Kulmala, M.,Mohler, O.,Saathoff, H.,Schnaiter, M.,Tome, A.,Virtanen, A.,Worsnop, D. and Stratmann, F.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (10), 6495-6509 (2016)
  • Observation of viscosity transition in ?-pinene secondary organic aerosol
    Järvinen, E.,Ignatius, K.,Nichman, L.,Kristensen, T. B.,Fuchs, C.,Hoyle, C. R.,Höppel, N.,Corbin, J. C.,Craven, J.,Duplissy, J.,Ehrhart, S.,El Haddad, I.,Frege, C.,Gordon, H.,Jokinen, T.,Kallinger, P.,Kirkby, J.,Kiselev, A.,Naumann, K. H.,Petäjä, T.,Pinterich, T.,Prevot, A. S. H.,Saathoff, H.,Schiebel, T.,Sengupta, K.,Simon, M.,Slowik, J. G.,Tröstl, J.,Virtanen, A.,Vochezer, P.,Vogt, S.,Wagner, A. C.,Wagner, R.,Williamson, C.,Winkler, P. M.,Yan, C.,Baltensperger, U.,Donahue, N. M.,Flagan, R. C.,Gallagher, M.,Hansel, A.,Kulmala, M.,Stratmann, F.,Worsnop, D. R.,Möhler, O.,Leisner, T. and Schnaiter, M.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (7), 4423-4438 (2016)
  • Laboratory investigations of mineral dust near-backscattering depolarization ratios
    Jarvinen, E.,Kernppinen, O.,Nousiainen, T.,Kociok, T.,Mohler, O.,Leisner, T. and Schnaiter, M.
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 178, 192-208 (2016)
  • Quasi-spherical Ice in Convective Clouds
    Jarvinen, E.,Schnaiter, M.,Mioche, G.,Jourdan, O.,Shcherbakov, V. N.,Costa, A.,Afchine, A.,Kramer, M.,Heidelberg, F.,Jurkat, T.,Voigt, C.,Schlager, H.,Nichman, L.,Gallagher, M.,Hirst, E.,Schmitt, C.,Bansemer, A.,Heymsfield, A.,Lawson, P.,Tricoli, U.,Pfeilsticker, K.,Vochezer, P.,Möhler, O. and Leisner, T.
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 0, null (2016)
  • Ubiquity of organic nitrates from nighttime chemistry in the European submicron aerosol
    Kiendler-Scharr, A.,Mensah, A. A.,Friese, E.,Topping, D.,Nemitz, E.,Prevot, A. S. H.,Äijälä, M.,Allan, J.,Canonaco, F.,Canagaratna, M.,Carbone, S.,Crippa, M.,Dall Osto, M.,Day, D. A.,De Carlo, P.,Di Marco, C. F.,Elbern, H.,Eriksson, A.,Freney, E.,Hao, L.,Herrmann, H.,Hildebrandt, L.,Hillamo, R.,Jimenez, J. L.,Laaksonen, A.,McFiggans, G.,Mohr, C.,O'Dowd, C.,Otjes, R.,Ovadnevaite, J.,Pandis, S. N.,Poulain, L.,Schlag, P.,Sellegri, K.,Swietlicki, E.,Tiitta, P.,Vermeulen, A.,Wahner, A.,Worsnop, D. and Wu, H. C.
    Geophysical Research Letters 43 (14), 7735-7744 (2016)
  • High concentrations of sub-3nm clusters and frequent new particle formation observed in the Po Valley, Italy, during the PEGASOS 2012 campaign
    Kontkanen, J.,Jarvinen, E.,Manninen, H. E.,Lehtipalo, K.,Kangasluoma, J.,Decesari, S.,Gobbi, G. P.,Laaksonen, A.,Petaja, T. and Kulmala, M.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (4), 1919-1935 (2016)
  • Synthesis, Spectral, and Thermal Studies of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Zn(II)-Glycinato Complexes and Investigation of Their Biological Properties: Crystal Structure of Cu (mu-gly) 2(H2O) n
    Kose, D. A.,Toprak, E.,Kasarci, A.,Avci, E.,Avci, G.,Sahin, O. and Buyukgungor, O.
    Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic Metal-Organic and Nano-Metal Chemistry 46 (7), 1109-1118 (2016)
  • Ice residual properties in mixed-phase clouds at the high-alpine Jungfraujoch site
    Kupiszewski, Piotr,Zanatta, Marco,Mertes, Stephan,Vochezer, Paul,Lloyd, Gary,Schneider, Johannes,Schenk, Ludwig,Schnaiter, Martin,Baltensperger, Urs,Weingartner, Ernest and Gysel, Martin
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 121 (20), 12,343-12,362 (2016)
  • A novel single-cavity three-wavelength photoacoustic spectrometer for atmospheric aerosol research
    Linke, C.,Ibrahim, I.,Schleicher, N.,Hitzenberger, R.,Andreae, M. O.,Leisner, T. and Schnaiter, M.
    Atmos. Meas. Tech. 9 (11), 5331-5346 (2016)
  • Laser vaporization of cirrus-like ice particles with secondary ice multiplication
    Matthews, Mary,Pomel, François,Wender, Christiane,Kiselev, Alexei,Duft, Denis,Kasparian, Jérôme,Wolf, Jean-Pierre and Leisner, Thomas
    Science Advances 2 (5) (2016)
  • Laboratory measurements of heterogeneous CO2 ice nucleation on nanoparticles under conditions relevant to the Martian mesosphere
    Nachbar, Mario,Duft, Denis,Mangan, Thomas Peter,Martin, Juan Carlos Gomez,Plane, John M. C. and Leisner, Thomas
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets , n/a-n/a (2016)
  • Phase transition observations and discrimination of small cloud particles by light polarization in expansion chamber experiments
    Nichman, L.,Fuchs, C.,Jarvinen, E.,Ignatius, K.,Hoppel, N. F.,Dias, A.,Heinritzi, M.,Simon, M.,Trostl, J.,Wagner, A. C.,Wagner, R.,Williamson, C.,Yan, C.,Connolly, P. J.,Dorsey, J. R.,Duplissy, J.,Ehrhart, S.,Frege, C.,Gordon, H.,Hoyle, C. R.,Kristensen, T. B.,Steiner, G.,Donahue, N. M.,Flagan, R.,Gallagher, M. W.,Kirkby, J.,Mohler, O.,Saathoff, H.,Schnaiter, M.,Stratmann, F. and Tome, A.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (5), 3651-3664 (2016)
  • A comparative study of K-rich and Na/Ca-rich feldspar ice-nucleating particles in a nanoliter droplet freezing assay
    Peckhaus, A.,Kiselev, A.,Hiron, T.,Ebert, M. and Leisner, T.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (18), 11477-11496 (2016)
  • Temperature-dependent formation of NaCl dihydrate in levitated NaCl and sea salt aerosol particles
    Peckhaus, Andreas,Kiselev, Alexei,Wagner, Robert,Duft, Denis and Leisner, Thomas
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (24), 244503 (2016)
  • Influence of biodiesel fuel composition on the morphology and microstructure of particles emitted from diesel engines
    Savic, N.,Rahman, M. M.,Miljevic, B.,Saathoff, H.,Naumann, K. H.,Leisner, T.,Riches, J.,Gupta, B.,Motta, N. and Ristovski, Z. D.
    Carbon 104, 179-189 (2016)
  • A global view of atmospheric ice particle complexity
    Schmitt, Carl G.,Heymsfield, Andrew J.,Connolly, Paul,Järvinen, Emma and Schnaiter, Martin
    Geophysical Research Letters , n/a-n/a (2016)
  • The Microphysical Properties of Small Ice Particles Measured by the Small Ice Detector-3 Probe during the MACPEX Field Campaign
    Schmitt, Carl G.,Schnaiter, Martin,Heymsfield, Andrew J.,Yang, Ping,Hirst, Edwin and Bansemer, Aaron
    Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 73 (12), 4775-4791 (2016)
  • Cloud chamber experiments on the origin of ice crystal complexity in cirrus clouds
    Schnaiter, M.,Jarvinen, E.,Vochezer, P.,Abdelmonem, A.,Wagner, R.,Jourdan, O.,Mioche, G.,Shcherbakov, V. N.,Schmitt, C. G.,Tricoli, U.,Ulanowski, Z. and Heymsfield, A. J.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (8), 5091-5110 (2016)
  • Comparison of measured and computed phase functions of individual tropospheric ice crystals
    Stegmann, P. G.,Tropea, C.,Jarvinen, E. and Schnaiter, M.
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 178, 379-389 (2016)
  • The role of low-volatility organic compounds in initial particle growth in the atmosphere
    Tröstl, Jasmin,Chuang, Wayne K.,Gordon, Hamish,Heinritzi, Martin,Yan, Chao,Molteni, Ugo,Ahlm, Lars,Frege, Carla,Bianchi, Federico,Wagner, Robert,Simon, Mario,Lehtipalo, Katrianne,Williamson, Christina,Craven, Jill S.,Duplissy, Jonathan,Adamov, Alexey,Almeida, Joao,Bernhammer, Anne-Kathrin,Breitenlechner, Martin,Brilke, Sophia,Dias, Antònio,Ehrhart, Sebastian,Flagan, Richard C.,Franchin, Alessandro,Fuchs, Claudia,Guida, Roberto,Gysel, Martin,Hansel, Armin,Hoyle, Christopher R.,Jokinen, Tuija,Junninen, Heikki,Kangasluoma, Juha,Keskinen, Helmi,Kim, Jaeseok,Krapf, Manuel,Kürten, Andreas,Laaksonen, Ari,Lawler, Michael,Leiminger, Markus,Mathot, Serge,Möhler, Ottmar,Nieminen, Tuomo,Onnela, Antti,Petäjä, Tuukka,Piel, Felix M.,Miettinen, Pasi,Rissanen, Matti P.,Rondo, Linda,Sarnela, Nina,Schobesberger, Siegfried,Sengupta, Kamalika,Sipilä, Mikko,Smith, James N.,Steiner, Gerhard,Tomè, Antònio,Virtanen, Annele,Wagner, Andrea C.,Weingartner, Ernest,Wimmer, Daniela,Winkler, Paul M.,Ye, Penglin,Carslaw, Kenneth S.,Curtius, Joachim,Dommen, Josef,Kirkby, Jasper,Kulmala, Markku,Riipinen, Ilona,Worsnop, Douglas R.,Donahue, Neil M. and Baltensperger, Urs
    Nature 533 (7604), 527-531 (2016)
  • In situ characterization of mixed phase clouds using the Small Ice Detector and the Particle Phase Discriminator
    Vochezer, P.,Järvinen, E.,Wagner, R.,Kupiszewski, P.,Leisner, T. and Schnaiter, M.
    Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9 (1), 159-177 (2016)


  • Probing ice-nucleation processes on the molecular level using second harmonic generation spectroscopy
    Abdelmonem, A.,Lützenkirchen, J. and Leisner, T.
    Atmos. Meas. Tech. 8 (8), 3519-3526 (2015)
  • Survival and ice nucleation activity of bacteria as aerosols in a cloud simulation chamber
    Amato, P.,Joly, M.,Schaupp, C.,Attard, E.,Möhler, O.,Morris, C. E.,Brunet, Y. and Delort, A. M.
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. 15 (11), 6455-6465 (2015)
  • Organic nitrate aerosol formation via NO3 + biogenic volatile organic compounds in the southeastern United States
    Ayres, B. R.,Allen, H. M.,Draper, D. C.,Brown, S. S.,Wild, R. J.,Jimenez, J. L.,Day, D. A.,Campuzano-Jost, P.,Hu, W.,de Gouw, J.,Koss, A.,Cohen, R. C.,Duffey, K. C.,Romer, P.,Baumann, K.,Edgerton, E.,Takahama, S.,Thornton, J. A.,Lee, B. H.,Lopez-Hilfiker, F. D.,Mohr, C.,Wennberg, P. O.,Nguyen, T. B.,Teng, A.,Goldstein, A. H.,Olson, K. and Fry, J. L.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (23), 13377-13392 (2015)
  • Sources and contributions of wood smoke during winter in London: assessing local and regional influences
    Crilley, L. R.,Bloss, W. J.,Yin, J.,Beddows, D. C. S.,Harrison, R. M.,Allan, J. D.,Young, D. E.,Flynn, M.,Williams, P.,Zotter, P.,Prevot, A. S. H.,Heal, M. R.,Barlow, J. F.,Halios, C. H.,Lee, J. D.,Szidat, S. and Mohr, C.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (6), 3149-3171 (2015)
  • Integrating laboratory and field data to quantify the immersion freezing ice nucleation activity of mineral dust particles
    DeMott, P. J.,Prenni, A. J.,McMeeking, G. R.,Sullivan, R. C.,Petters, M. D.,Tobo, Y.,Niemand, M.,Möhler, O.,Snider, J. R.,Wang, Z. and Kreidenweis, S. M.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (1), 393-409 (2015)
  • Hyphenation of a EC / OC thermal?optical carbon analyzer to photo-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry: an off-line aerosol mass spectrometric approach for characterization of primary and secondary particulate matter
    Diab, J.,Streibel, T.,Cavalli, F.,Lee, S. C.,Saathoff, H.,Mamakos, A.,Chow, J. C.,Chen, L. W. A.,Watson, J. G.,Sippula, O. and Zimmermann, R.
    Atmos. Meas. Tech. 8 (8), 3337-3353 (2015)
  • A Linear Trap for Studying the Interaction of Nanoparticles with Supersaturated Vapors
    Duft, Denis,Nachbar, Mario,Eritt, Markus and Leisner, Thomas
    Aerosol Science and Technology 49 (9), 682-690 (2015)
  • A comprehensive laboratory study on the immersion freezing behavior of illite NX particles: a comparison of 17 ice nucleation measurement techniques
    Hiranuma, N.,Augustin-Bauditz, S.,Bingemer, H.,Budke, C.,Curtius, J.,Danielczok, A.,Diehl, K.,Dreischmeier, K.,Ebert, M.,Frank, F.,Hoffmann, N.,Kandler, K.,Kiselev, A.,Koop, T.,Leisner, T.,Möhler, O.,Nillius, B.,Peckhaus, A.,Rose, D.,Weinbruch, S.,Wex, H.,Boose, Y.,DeMott, P. J.,Hader, J. D.,Hill, T. C. J.,Kanji, Z. A.,Kulkarni, G.,Levin, E. J. T.,McCluskey, C. S.,Murakami, M.,Murray, B. J.,Niedermeier, D.,Petters, M. D.,O'Sullivan, D.,Saito, A.,Schill, G. P.,Tajiri, T.,Tolbert, M. A.,Welti, A.,Whale, T. F.,Wright, T. P. and Yamashita, K.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (5), 2489-2518 (2015)
  • Ice nucleation by cellulose and its potential contribution to ice formation in clouds
    Hiranuma, N.,Möhler, O.,Yamashita, K.,Tajiri, T.,Saito, A.,Kiselev, A.,Hoffmann, N.,Hoose, C.,Jantsch, E.,Koop, T. and Murakami, M.
    Nature Geoscience 8 (4), 273-277 (2015)
  • Regional-scale simulations of fungal spore aerosols using an emission parameterization adapted to local measurements of fluorescent biological aerosol particles
    Hummel, M.,Hoose, C.,Gallagher, M.,Healy, D. A.,Huffman, J. A.,O'Connor, D.,Pöschl, U.,Pohlker, C.,Robinson, N. H.,Schnaiter, M.,Sodeau, J. R.,Stengel, M.,Toprak, E. and Vogel, H.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (11), 6127-6146 (2015)
  • Time-multiplexed open-path TDLAS spectrometer for dynamic, sampling-free, interstitial H-2 O-18 and H-2 O-16 vapor detection in ice clouds
    Kuhnreich, B.,Wagner, S.,Habig, J. C.,Möhler, O.,Saathoff, H. and Ebert, V.
    Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 119 (1), 177-187 (2015)
  • The Ice Selective Inlet: a novel technique for exclusive extraction of pristine ice crystals in mixed-phase clouds
    Kupiszewski, P.,Weingartner, E.,Vochezer, P.,Schnaiter, M.,Bigi, A.,Gysel, M.,Rosati, B.,Toprak, E.,Mertes, S. and Baltensperger, U.
    Atmos. Meas. Tech. 8 (8), 3087-3106 (2015)
  • Enhanced light absorption by mixed source black and brown carbon particles in UK winter
    Liu, Shang,Aiken, Allison C.,Gorkowski, Kyle,Dubey, Manvendra K.,Cappa, Christopher D.,Williams, Leah R.,Herndon, Scott C.,Massoli, Paola,Fortner, Edward C.,Chhabra, Puneet S.,Brooks, William A.,Onasch, Timothy B.,Jayne, John T.,Worsnop, Douglas R.,China, Swarup,Sharma, Noopur,Mazzoleni, Claudio,Xu, Lu,Ng, Nga L.,Liu, Dantong,Allan, James D.,Lee, James D.,Fleming, Zoe L.,Mohr, Claudia,Zotter, Peter,Szidat, Sonke and Prevot, Andre S. H.
    Nat Commun 6 (2015)
  • Phase partitioning and volatility of secondary organic aerosol components formed from ?-pinene ozonolysis and OH oxidation: the importance of accretion products and other low volatility compounds
    Lopez-Hilfiker, F. D.,Mohr, C.,Ehn, M.,Rubach, F.,Kleist, E.,Wildt, J.,Mentel, Th F.,Carrasquillo, A. J.,Daumit, K. E.,Hunter, J. F.,Kroll, J. H.,Worsnop, D. R. and Thornton, J. A.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (14), 7765-7776 (2015)
  • Two decades of water vapor measurements with the FISH fluorescence hygrometer: a review
    Meyer, J.,Rolf, C.,Schiller, C.,Rohs, S.,Spelten, N.,Afchine, A.,Zöger, M.,Sitnikov, N.,Thornberry, T. D.,Rollins, A. W.,Bozóki, Z.,Tátrai, D.,Ebert, V.,Kühnreich, B.,Mackrodt, P.,Möhler, O.,Saathoff, H.,Rosenlof, K. H. and Krämer, M.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (14), 8521-8538 (2015)
  • Spatial Variation of Aerosol Chemical Composition and Organic Components Identified by Positive Matrix Factorization in the Barcelona Region
    Mohr, Claudia,DeCarlo, Peter F.,Heringa, Maarten F.,Chirico, Roberto,Richter, René,Crippa, Monica,Querol, Xavier,Baltensperger, Urs and Prévôt, André S. H.
    Environmental Science & Technology (2015)
  • A new temperature- and humidity-dependent surface site density approach for deposition ice nucleation
    Steinke, I.,Hoose, C.,Möhler, O.,Connolly, P. and Leisner, T.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (7), 3703-3717 (2015)
  • Transition operator calculation with Green?s dyadic technique for electromagnetic scattering: A numerical approach using the Dyson equation
    Tricoli, U.,Vochezer, P. and Pfeilsticker, K.
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 162, 77-88 (2015)
  • Technical Note: A proposal for ice nucleation terminology
    Vali, G.,DeMott, P. J.,Möhler, O. and Whale, T. F.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (18), 10263-10270 (2015)
  • Kerb and urban increment of highly time-resolved trace elements in PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 winter aerosol in London during ClearfLo 2012
    Visser, S.,Slowik, J. G.,Furger, M.,Zotter, P.,Bukowiecki, N.,Dressler, R.,Flechsig, U.,Appel, K.,Green, D. C.,Tremper, A. H.,Young, D. E.,Williams, P. I.,Allan, J. D.,Herndon, S. C.,Williams, L. R.,Mohr, C.,Xu, L.,Ng, N. L.,Detournay, A.,Barlow, J. F.,Halios, C. H.,Fleming, Z. L.,Baltensperger, U. and Prévôt, A. S. H.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (5), 2367-2386 (2015)
  • Crystallization and immersion freezing ability of oxalic and succinic acid in multicomponent aqueous organic aerosol particles
    Wagner, R.,Höhler, K.,Möhler, O.,Saathoff, H. and Schnaiter, M.
    Geophysical Research Letters 42 (7), 2464-2472 (2015)
  • Intercomparing different devices for the investigation of ice nucleating particles using Snomax® as test substance
    Wex, H.,Augustin-Bauditz, S.,Boose, Y.,Budke, C.,Curtius, J.,Diehl, K.,Dreyer, A.,Frank, F.,Hartmann, S.,Hiranuma, N.,Jantsch, E.,Kanji, Z. A.,Kiselev, A.,Koop, T.,Möhler, O.,Niedermeier, D.,Nillius, B.,Rösch, M.,Rose, D.,Schmidt, C.,Steinke, I. and Stratmann, F.
    Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (3), 1463-1485 (2015)
  • Characterization of ice-nucleating bacteria using on-line electron impact ionization aerosol mass spectrometry
    Wolf, R.,Slowik, J. G.,Schaupp, C.,Amato, P.,Saathoff, H.,Möhler, O.,Prevot, A. S. H. and Baltensperger, U.
    Journal of Mass Spectrometry 50 (4), 662-671 (2015)
  • Estimating the contribution of organic acids to northern hemispheric continental organic aerosol
    Yatavelli, Reddy L. N.,Mohr, Claudia,Stark, Harald,Day, Douglas A.,Thompson, Samantha L.,Lopez-Hilfiker, Felipe D.,Campuzano-Jost, Pedro,Palm, Brett B.,Vogel, Alexander L.,Hoffmann, Thorsten,Heikkinen, Liine,Äijälä, Mikko,Ng, Nga L.,Kimmel, Joel R.,Canagaratna, Manjula R.,Ehn, Mikael,Junninen, Heikki,Cubison, Michael J.,Petäjä, Tuukka,Kulmala, Markku,Jayne, John T.,Worsnop, Douglas R. and Jimenez, Jose L.
    Geophysical Research Letters 42 (14), 6084-6090 (2015)
  • Single Particle Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Utilizing a Femtosecond Desorption and Ionization Laser
    Zawadowicz, Maria Anna,Abdelmonem, Ahmed,Mohr, Claudia,Saathoff, Harald,Froyd, Karl D.,Murphy, Daniel M.,Leisner, Thomas and Cziczo, Daniel J.
    Analytical Chemistry (2015)


  • The Cloud Particle Spectrometer with Polarization Detection (CPSPD): A next generation open-path cloud probe for distinguishing liquid cloud droplets from ice crystals
    Baumgardner, D.,Newton, R.,Krämer, M.,Meyer, J.,Beyer, A.,Wendisch, M. and Vochezer, P.
    Atmospheric Research 142, 2-14 (2014)
  • Pump-probe differential Lidar to quantify atmospheric supersaturation and particle-forming trace gases
    Chagas, J. C. S.,Leisner, T. and Kasparian, J.
    Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 117 (2), 667-672 (2014)
  • The AquaVIT-1 intercomparison of atmospheric water vapor measurement techniques
    Fahey, D. W.,Gao, R. S.,Möhler, O.,Saathoff, H.,Schiller, C.,Ebert, V.,Kramer, M.,Peter, T.,Amarouche, N.,Avallone, L. M.,Bauer, R.,Bozoki, Z.,Christensen, L. E.,Davis, S. M.,Durry, G.,Dyroff, C.,Herman, R. L.,Hunsmann, S.,Khaykin, S. M.,Mackrodt, P.,Meyer, J.,Smith, J. B.,Spelten, N.,Troy, R. F.,Vomel, H.,Wagner, S. and Wienhold, F. G.
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