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Bachelor's and Master's Courses Meteorology

Galileo Galilei is said to have once said: "You can't teach persons anything, you can only help them discover it in themself." Under this motto we are committed to awakening the interest and passion for atmospheric aerosol research in our students.

Please find detailed information on the Bachelor's and Master's Course Meteorology on the web page of the IMK teaching team. In the wide spectrum of topics in the field of meteorology and atmospheric sciences, IMK-AAF is involved in the following courses about atmospheric aerosol cloud interaction processes:


Atmospheric Aerosols

in module Atmospheric Processes

each winter semester

Dr. Ottmar Möhler
Practical Courses

Advanced Meteorological Practical Course at the AIDA cloud chamber

in module Experimental Meteorology

each summer semester

Dr. Robert Wagner

Seminars and Colloquium
Seminar on Aerosol Physics Mondays, 11:00 am - 12.30 pm Dr. Harald Saathoff
Karlsruhe Meteorological Colloquium   Prof. Thomas Leisner


Bachelor and Master theses

You can find current offers on Work or simply write us an idea for your thesis.

research assistant at IMK-AAF

You want to get to know the everyday life of our scientists?
You would like to gain experience in scientific work?
You would like to earn something extra during your studies?

We are always interested in student assistants and would appreciate your help.

Our student assistants work in the laboratories: they plan the experiments, carry out the measurements independently and document the process. Optionally, they also help with data analysis.

Write to us if you are interested or find current vacancies at Work.