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Seminar for Aerosol Physics

Contact: Prof. Dr. T. Leisner, Dr. H. Saathoff, Dr. R. Wagner



Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Aerosol Research (IMK-AAF), KIT and Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg

The seminar takes place - unless extra notice - Mondays at 11:00 in room 150, building 326, on campus north of KIT.

Dienstag, 09. Apr 2019
Prof. Min Hu, State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control (Peking University), College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University
"New particle formation in complex air pollution of China"
Montag, 29. Apr 2019

"Untersuchung der heterogenen Kristallkeimbildung an levitierten Loesungstropfen "
Montag, 27. Mai 2019
Fabian Siegmann, KIT, IMK-AAF
"Saisonaler Verlauf der Eisaktivitaet von atmosphaerischen Aerosolen im Iran"
Montag, 03. Jun 2019
Xiaoli Shen, KIT, IMK-AAF
"Composition and origin of PM2.5 aerosol particles in the upper Rhine valley in summer"
Montag, 17. Jun 2019
Wei Huang, KIT, IMK-AAF
"Seasonal characteristics of organic aerosol chemical composition and volatility in Stuttgart"
Montag, 24. Jun 2019
Dr. Christopher Kampf, Universitaet Mainz, Institut fuer Organische Chemie
"Composition & Transformation of Organic Aerosols & Allergenic Proteins"
Montag, 08. Jul 2019
Lexie Goldberger, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Atmospheric Measurements Laboratory
"DOE ARM Aerial Facility"