Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research

Advanced Meteorological Practical Course at AIDA

Advanced Practical Course 2018: Preparation for aerosol injection.
Advanced Practical Course 2018: Conduction of particle number concentration nmeasurements with the CPC.


The bachelor's and master's theses, but also the master's advanced pratical course are intended to give students an insight into current and modern science, to build a bridge between the theory learned and research, and to provide important qualifications.

The advanced pratical course at the AIDA aerosol and cloud simulation chamber allows the master students to experience scientific work at large research infrastructures. The AIDA Aerosol and Cloud Simulation Chamber is a worldwide unique experimental facility that attracts national and international scientists every year to conduct experiments or test instruments for field use. The complexity of the facility helps students to learn communication, project planning and evaluation of measurement data in teamwork.


Course of the practicum

The students first develop a current scientific research question in the field of aerosol and cloud physics and plan the necessary experiments and the use of instruments at the AIDA chamber to answer their research question. The group of students is divided into smaller teams, each of which will supervise one measuring instrument. The teams will learn the measuring principle and the operation of the instruments in order to be able to perform the planned experiments independently. The up to 12 students will be supervised by 6 research scientists and the technical team of the AIDA facility.

During the experimental week, the students conduct the planned experiments by running independently the AIDA chamber facility and operating the instruments.
Later the week, the group works together to compile and evaluate the various measurement data and discuss the results in the context of the research question.
Finally, in a report the students summarize their work from the planning phase to the implementation and evaluation.


Teaching materials