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The interest of in situ atmospheric measurements by infrared laser spectrometers aboard balloons, aircraft, and at ground
May. 18, 2010, 15:00
KIT, Campus Nord, Gebäude 435, Raum 2.05
Mid-infrared laser sources are powerful tools for in situ measurements of trace gas
species by absorption spectroscopy in the atmosphere. Two tunable laser
spectrometers, which can operate in harsh environments, have been built during the
last ten years at LPC2E (Orléans). The first one, SPIRALE (SPectromètre InfraRouge
par Absorption de Lasers Embarqués), is a balloon-borne stratospheric instrument
using six lead-salt diodes with a large open-air Herriott multipass absorption cell. The
other one, SPIRIT (Spectromètre InfraRouge In situ Toute altitude), benefits from two
last technology advances for better performances and miniaturization: quantum
cascade lasers operating near room temperature coupled to a new (patented) closed
multipass cell. They will be described, together with their measurement principle,
advantages and drawbacks.
Various examples of results from SPIRALE flights will be given, especially concerning
stratospheric chemistry and dynamics at different latitudes, and satellite validations,
within the frames of SCOUT-O3, STRAPOLETE, and ENVISAT projects. First results
from SPIRIT prototype working at ground will also be presented, in the frame of projects
aiming at assessing greenhouse gas emissions by different types of soils (peatlands
and cultivated fields). Future applications will be mentioned.
This event is part of the eventgroup Meteorology Colloquium Karlsruhe
Dr. Valery Catoire

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