AIDA SOA09 campaign

November 2nd 27th, 2009, Karlsruhe, Germany


Local Organiser:

Support by the EU project EUROCHAMP 2 is gratefully acknowledged.

Harald Saathoff (IMK, Karlsruhe)




















Participants of the SOA09 campaign and instrumentation provided by different groups:





Astrid Kiendler-Scharr,

Torsten Hohaus,

Risto Taipale,

Thomas F. Mentel,

Ralf Tillmann

Bettina Steitz

Research Centre Jlich

Isotope resolved analysis of filter and gas samples

Aerosol Collection Module



Mattias Hallquist,

Kent Salo

University of Gothenburg


Thorsten Hoffmann,

Lars Mller,

Alexander Vogel,

Mathias Schott

University of Mainz

On-line APCI-MS and

LC-ESI-MS of filter samples

Yoshi Iinuma

IfT Leipzig

Chemical analysis of filter samples including derivatisation and non-derivatisation GC-MS

Stefan Benz,

Ottmar Mhler,

Karl-Heinz Naumann,

Harald Saathoff,

Martin Schnaiter,

Robert Wagner,

Caroline Oehm


FTIR, Ozone, Water-TDL, Light- Scattering, SMPS, DMPS, CPCs, IC analysis of filter samples, WELAS, SOA-Modelling, CCNC, W-TOF-AMS


Group photo November 2009:



Selected goals:


      The mechanistic aspects of the ozonolysis of a- and b-pinene will be addressed with highest priority.

      Determination of pinonaldehyde and nopinone partitioning into organic aerosol particles.

      Role of pinic and pinonic acid as precursors for tracer compounds.

      Temperature (303-243K) and aerosol concentrations will be varied.


More details can be found on the AIDA Wiki page: