Dr.  Robert Wagner Robert Wagner

Dr. Robert Wagner

Current Research Interests

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous ice nucleation behaviour of atmospherically relevant aerosol particles:
    • Inorganic solids: ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium chloride dihydrate, sea salt
    • Porous aerosol particles, e.g., zeolite and coal fly ash particles
    • Organic-containing aerosol particles: secondary organic aerosol particles, dicarboxylic acids, aerosol particles generated from sea surface microlayer samples and phytoplankton cultures
    • Internally-mixed aerosol particles of the above species
  • Phase transition behaviour of aerosol particles:
    • Deliquesce and efflorescence of inorganic solids at low temperature; competition between deliquescence and heterogeneous ice nucleation
    • Organic-containing aerosol particles: glass formation and/or crystallization, formation of porous particles by atmospheric freeze-drying in deep-convective cloud systems
  • Aerosol infrared extinction spectroscopy:
    • Derivation of complex refractive indices (optical constants): ammonium nitrate, sodium chloride dihydrate, supercooled water, highly diluted sulphuric acid solution droplets
    • Development of retrieval algorithms for deriving composition, phase, size, and shape of the investigated aerosol particles from their infrared spectra
  • Software development for the computer-controlled operation of the AIDA classic and the novel AIDA dynamic cloud chamber and their instrumentation within the LabVIEW programming environment.


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