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Name Phone e-mail Function
25928 hengheng ZhangIfz0∂kit edu atmospheric physicist, PhD student - LIDAR remote sensing and aerosol cloud interaction
24958 fritz waitzMgx7∂kit edu  
shawn wagnerTag3∂kit edu PhD student in meteorology; airborne observations
robert wagner2Aap4∂kit edu physical chemist – infrared spectroscopy, phase transition, and ice nucleation behaviour of aerosol particles
23410 steffen vogtAma2∂kit edu engineer - technical operation and maintanance of aerosol chamber facilities
25542 franziska vogelAkw8∂kit edu PhD student in meteorology; ice-nucleating particles
25928 magdalena vallonSeo4∂kit edu PhD student in physical chemistry
nsikanabasi umoFuv9∂kit edu  
25970 junwei songGeg5∂kit edu PhD student aerosol mass spectrometry
22525 frank schwarzHam7∂kit edu IT appointee, electronic data processing infrastructure
25971 tobias schorrKiz8∂kit edu Ice nucleation and climate engineering
23249 julia schneider2Jzt3∂kit edu PhD student in meteorology
26079 martin schnaiterKub1∂kit edu physicist - particle optics and cloud microphysics, aircraft measurements
25942 thea schiebelZoi1∂kit edu meteorologist – cloud microphysics
24414 georg scheurigJbe0∂kit edu technician - experiment preparation
22897 harald saathoffHhz3∂kit edu Physical Chemist - atmospheric & aerosol chemistry
28692 jens nadolnyTva9∂kit edu engineer - technical assistant, electronics/embedded systems
24287 ottmar moehlerDef5∂kit edu physicist - cloud microphysics, ice nucleation, aerosol physics
22176 claudia linkeDxo6∂kit edu experimental chemist - aerosol optics, photoacoustic, single particle soot photometer (SP2)
24865/23943 thomas leisnerGep3∂kit edu Physicist - Head of Department
23979 larissa lacherMxp3∂kit edu  
26662 alexei kiselevAew1∂kit edu aerosol physics, process studies employing levitated particles, electron microscopy
28689 alice keinertMwd9∂kit edu PhD student in meteorology
emma jaervinenHrr5∂kit edu physicist - airborne cloud observations
25970 feng jiangZhp6∂kit edu PhD student in environmental sciences
22659 inas ibrahimZfe4∂kit edu engineer - technical assistant, photoacoustics
kristina hoehlerYim6∂kit edu physical chemist - ice nucleation research, department management, Director of ACTRIS Topical Centre for Cloud In Situ Measurements (CIS)
25179 Linyu GaoPng4∂kit edu PhD student in environmental sciences
romy foesigGsy1∂kit edu data manager, research software developer
23326 denis duftTuv4∂kit edu physicist - atmospheric nano-science and particle levitation using Paul traps
22578 olga dombrowskiIwy0∂kit edu laboratory assistant
29022 tomasz chudyFhk3∂kit edu technician - experiment preparation, electronics
nicole buettnerGjk4∂kit edu  
22326 rainer buschbacherIee2∂kit edu technician - experiment preparation, aerosol measurement technique
23943 susanne bolzVub1∂kit edu secretary
pia bogertTme9∂kit edu PhD student in meteorology
25970 barbara bertozziOsn0∂kit edu PhD student in physics
sepehr ariaeiNkz0∂kit edu  
24520 ahmed abdelmonemKgl5∂kit edu experimental physicist - optics, laser spectroscopy
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