Workshops and Symposia Organized or Supported by IMK-AAF


  • CLOUD-TRAIN Mass Spectrometry Fundamental Workshop, 14 - 17 March 2016, Wuppertal, Germany
  • During 1 to 5 February 2016, a CLOUD9/10 and CLOUD-TRAIN Workshop and Collaboration Meeting was conducted at Hyytiälä, Finland


  • The 5th International Ice Nucleation Workshop, devoted to the intercomparison of instruments measuring ice-nucleating particles, is conducted in cooperation with 23 participating teams from Europe and the USA in March 2015 at the AIDA facility of IMK-AAF.
  • 5th International Symposium on Ultrafine Particles (UFP-5) - Air Quality and Climate
    The effects of ultrafine particles, the smallest constituents of airborne particulate matter, on air quality, atmospheric processes, climate, and human health are by far not finally investigated to proven evidence. The 5th EFCA Ultrafine Particles Symposium will reflect the most recent scientific progress in the field and aims to contribute to the dialogue with policymakers in Europe. The symposium takes place on May 4 - 5 in Brussels, Belgium. It is co-organized by KIT and chaired by the head of IMK-AAF, Prof. Thomas Leisner.
  • The Aquavit 3 Campaign, aiming at the intercomparison of hygrometers, will be conducted in July 2015 at the AIDA facility of IMK-AAF
  • From 21 to 23 October, 2015, the CLOUD community met for a CLOUD-TRAIN Collaboration meeting and a Data Workshop at CERN (Link to CLOUD-TRAIN homepage).