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Research Topics

Atmospheric aerosol particles interact with the climate system and the hydrological cycle in several ways:

  • They directly influence the radiative budget by absorption and scattering of sunlight and thermal radiation.
  • They act as cloud condensation nuclei and facilitate ice formation in clouds, thereby influencing the cloud albedo and precipitation formation.
  • They impact air quality and pollution

These effects take place in the open and highly dynamic system atmosphere, where feedback processes play an important role.

Accordingly, the research in IMK-AAF is focussed on chemical and optical properties of aerosols, aerosol- cloud interaction and ice nucleation processes. Emphasis lies on laboratory and field experiments, but modelling and theory building is an essential part of our work.

Main research topics are:                  

PHIPS Ice Crystal



Cloud Microphyiscs

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Atmospheric Nanoscience



Aerosol Chemistry and Physics




Aerosol and Cloud Modelling