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Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 - 15:45
Dr. Michael Scheuerer
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Colorado, USA

Using artificial neural networks for generating probabilistic subseasonal precipitation forecasts over California.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020 - 16:45
Prof. Daniela Domeisen

Stratospheric contributions to sub-seasonal prediction

Tuesday, 26 May 2020 - 16:45
Prof. Dr. Stephan Pfahl

Feature-based perspectives on midlatitude cyclones in a warming climate

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 - 16:45
Dr. Erica Madonna
Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

The link between jet stream variability, storm tracks, and high-latitude weather and climate

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020 - 16:45
Dr. Catherine Meissner,
Wattsight, Oslo

Active meteorological research areas in wind energy

Tuesday, 07 Jul 2020 - 15:00
Prof. Dr. Anke C. Noelscher
Universitaet Bayreuth,

Combining contrasting strategies to uncover the processes behind air pollution

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2020 - 16:45

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Florida State University

The Namib Desert: An Illustration of Alexander von Humboldt's World View


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