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Master thesis: Ultrafine Particles as Nanoreactors

Master thesis: Ultrafine Particles as Nanoreactors
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KIT Campus North

faculty / division:

Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research - Department of Atmospheric Aerosol Research


Heidelberg students: graduation at Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP)

Karlsruhe students: graduation at Faculty of Physics (major either in Meteorology or Physics)

starting date:

immediate / by agreement


Dr. Denis Duft
Email: Denis.Duft@kit.edu
Tel: +49 721 / 608-23326

Prof. Thomas Leisner
Email: Thomas.Leisner@kit.edu
Tel: +49 721 / 608-23943

This master thesis is aimed at interested students majoring in Physics / Environmental Physics / Meteorology.

Detailed Description (PDF, german)

(english version on duft@kit.edu)